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Would you like to document an event using the Event Model Canvas and get some help?

Interested in hosting an Event Model Canvas workshop or masterclass?

Or would you like our experts to support you in the re-designing your event with your team using the 10 step process and train them along the way?

Event Model Canvas examples in practice

- Team training + full 10 step event design for the pinnacle event of a Medical Devices company

Redesigning the pinnacle event whilst training the full team + involving key decision makers

- Documenting an existing conference of an association as mystery guests to highlight future opportunities

FERMA Forum 2013 - Federation of European Risk Management Associations Forum Baseline

- Sustain success by inspiring the team in designing future event innovations with focus

When the team that creates succesful events every 18 months for thousands of business owners and hotel franchise of the world’s largest hotel company Wyndham Hotel Group they want to focus and get right back on track for the future edition. Using the Event Model Generation process, a stakeholder analysis was done with the organizing team to prototype and focus the direction of the future editions of the Wyndham Hotel Group Global Conferences.

  • Testimonial
    Joe Pine, co-author, The Experience Economy, Aurora, OH, USA,

    "The best events are not merely engaging experiences; they are transformational. By using the Event Canvas you will ensure the outcomes of your events meet your goals  and change your organization."

  • Testimonial
    Amy Badersnider, Sr. Instructional Designer at Google, San Francisco, CA, USA,

    "The Event Canvas is a tool that validates the way in which we think about our users - but compartmentalizes the nuances we may gloss over. I'm so excited to facilitate the process for other internal teams, as they think through the experiences they provide for their clients. It's sure to win them over, as they'll be a part of the experience and we'll have their buy-in along the way."

  • Testimonial
    Steph Escareal, Chief Learning Officer at Convergent Experience, Manila Philippines,

    "The Event Design Certificate program allowed me to have both a macro perspective and micro perspective of the event design, particularly looking into the various stakeholders and where they are coming from. It was experiential, practical, and relevant."

  • Testimonial
    Panos Tzivanidis, Head of Hospitality, Events & Logistics, International Olympic Committee, IOC, Lausanne, Switzerland,

    “Designing and planning for events is a complicated process by default and requires highly motivated and inspired teams. With the training for designing events by using the Event Canvas methodology, the team was empowered and built the necessary trust in itself to deliver innovative events for all stakeholders of the International Olympic Committee"

  • Testimonial
    Mohamed Ba, CED - Head of Innovation, ITU - United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland,

    “It’s very empowering to see how the team brings out all the dimensions and adds value to innovating our events using the event canvas. There is no cutting corners, spending the right amount of time on event design is what needs to be done to get the job done right."

  • Testimonial
    Ted Mooney, Sr., CED Director of Membership and Services, Internet Society, Reston, VA, USA,

    “The Event Canvas process allows team innovation to emerge like no other training I've experienced. The event design solutions are imaginative, engaging, provocative and produce results. This process should be embraced not just by meeting planners, but business leaders who want real bottom-line impact from their event investment.”

  • Testimonial
    Amanda Armstrong, CMP, CED, Enterprise Holdings Director Corporate Travel & Meetings, San Diego, CA, USA,

    “The Event Canvas is a comprehensive, step-by-step process that leads you through event design wearing "stakeholder lens", so each decision reflects multiple views points resulting in desired outcomes.”

  • Testimonial
    Nicole Armstrong, CMP, CMM, CED, Director of Stakeholder Relations, Internet Society, Reston, VA, USA,

    “Using the Event Design process for our global InterCommunity Event was key to its success.  The Event Canvas methodology allowed us to create an event that was responsive to our stakeholder needs and desires.”

  • Testimonial
    Anthony Back MD, Professor, University of Washington, Medicine/Oncology, Seattle, WA, USA,

    “The Event Canvas model is incredibly useful for designing conferences that will make a difference—it brings together a great deal of wisdom into a practical workspace!”

  • Testimonial
    Jane Cziborra, Conference and Events Manager at Alzheimer's Disease International, London, UK,

    “It was a wonderful opportunity to learn how to look at your own events from a different perspective and to take the time to consider what all stakeholders want from an event.  This has motivated me to assess how we deliver our conferences to give as many stakeholders as possible the event of the year!”

  • Testimonial
    Amanda Larson, CED, Marketing Director - Clareity Security - Scottsdale, AZ, USA,

    "The Event Design Certificate program provides a great oversight to event planning and forces event professionals to view events differently. I think this approach creates a universal language that all event professionals can comprehend and understand. A perfect template to describe the importance of event design to others - stakeholders, vendors, bosses, etc."

  • Testimonial
    Sabine Bonora, CED - Head of ICM MED-EL, Innsbruck, Austria,

    “The Event Model Canvas design process allows us to articulate on one piece of paper the essence of the thinking of all the stakeholders involved in the event. It creates value, innovation and alignment of everyone involved from idea to design to execution and evaluation. After redesigning our pinnacle event, we’ve adopted it as the de facto working method for all our events. ”

  • Testimonial
    David Kliman, CED, Owner, The Kliman Group, Sonoma, CA, USA,

    “Highly usable strategic roadmap, easily customized and very suitable for use by professionals seeking to enhance their strategic impact on meeting content and flow. I was very curious to learn more about this and was very impressed with all aspects of the Event Design Certificate workshop. I highly recommend it!”

  • Testimonial
    Geert Behets, Director, Global Travel & Fleet Management - Global Purchasing at UCB Pharma, Brussels, Belgium,

    "The Event Canvas workshop that I attended was so good that it will be hard to top!"

  • Testimonial
    Terri Crovato - Manager Meetings & Events at USCCB, Washington DC, USA,

    "The EventCanvas is a great model to apply  to better design my events based on the needs of my various stakeholders. I'm excited to go back and apply this with my team."

  • Testimonial
    Abigail M. Ochoa, Junior Manager - Brand Activations, Smart Communications, Inc, Manila Philippines,

    “The Event Canvas gives you a clear perspective of your stakeholders, their objectives of the event and how you're arriving to meet those objectives. And there's nothing more important than efficiency and clarity when doing an event.”

  • Testimonial
    Philippe Clarinval, General Manager, Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz, Switzerland,

    "The Event Canvas allows you to approach a seemingly complex situation with clarity by breaking down emotions, tasks, initial situations and expected outcomes. The System should not only be called Event canvas but rather "life canvas"; it is so well thought through that hardly any problem can't be solved. A truely eye opening experience."

  • Testimonial
    Jennifer Fischer-Belmonte, Achmea, Events coordinator Communication & Sustainability , Zeist, The Netherlands,

    "As a result of the training delivered by team #eventcanvas, a diverse team of communications and event specialist across our Achmea organisation now have a shared language and methodology to design our events. We can now articulate how events we design create value for our internal and external stakeholders."

  • Testimonial
    Miranda van Brück - Creative Director The Content Studio, Toulouse, France & Program Director Events MPI Meeting Professionals International, Dallas, TX, USA ,

    "The Event Model Canvas provides an excellent structure to have meaningful conversations with the event owner which will lead to a well informed starting point from which to start designing meetings and events that matter."

  • Testimonial
    Marti Winer - Chief of Staff Drew University, Madison, NJ, USA,

    “ Stakeholders have unique needs with regards to an event. The Event Model Canvas allows us to articulate what jobs this event will help us get done so that we can translate that to the event team + the vendors to turn the design into a great event”.

  • Testimonial
    Monika Birkle - HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Porvoo, Finland,

    "The EventCanvas supports our collaborative working method and I look forward to applying it with our students and stakeholders in designing the events at Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences."

  • Testimonial
    Pierre Sonigo - Secretary General FERMA - Federation of European Risk Management Associations, Brussels, Belgium,

    “The Event Model Canvas will relieve pains in organizing our congress because it gives us a process and a common language and understanding. Everyone involved can then go in the same direction with the canvas as the roadmap to keep us on track. I really believe this is going to help us a lot!”

  • Testimonial
    Cecilia Ljunglöf - Conference Manager KTH Royal Institute of Technology - Stockholm, Sweden,

    "It 's an inspiring process for everyone involved in designing the event. The Event Canvas makes it easier to work with my stakeholders to design their event without getting locked into pre-exisiting thinking patterns."

  • Testimonial
    Terri Breining, Principal, Breining Group LLC, Carlsbad, CA, USA,

    "This program is the best process I've seen for the design and development of meaningful business events. It is thorough, in that it results in clarity of purpose for the event, a transparent, easy to understand path for producing the event, guidance about which elements to NOT include, and greater confidence in determining the metrics to quantify the success of the event. This is the program that can help meeting planners become meeting strategists."

  • Testimonial
    Sue Gordon, CMP - Partner, EPIC Meetings & Events, San Diego, CA, USA,

    “I think the #EventCanvas is a GREAT tool for meeting planners - especially seasoned planners who get in a "rut" of logistics and bottom-line finances.”

  • Testimonial
    Debbie Fox, MA, CMP, CED- Events Director, Denver, CO, USA,

    "Event Design is a trailblazing approach for designing an event of any size. When applied at event inception, the Event Canvas identifies key stakeholder entry behaviors and how the event journey is developed to achieve desired outcomes. Logical, collaborative and fun, with particular focus on the human aspect."

  • Testimonial

    "The event design process is crucial to a successful event. The better it is understood, the more likely a stakeholder will buy in. The EDC class gives you the background you need to make it possible for you to be the event leader and possess the skills necessary to lead your team to a successful event! All event leaders should take this class."

  • Testimonial
    Annette Gregg, CMP, CMM, MBA - VP Conference Experiences, LPL Financial, Boston, MA, USA,

    “I really like this simple but powerful #EventCanvas tool and feel it was missing in the marketplace. It helps project leaders create a business case for an event with the stakeholder in mind--it reminds us that customer- centric design is the best approach. “

  • Testimonial
    Martin A. J. van Keken jr. - CEO, MVKA, Vancouver, Canada,

    "The Event Canvas is an amazing tool that I'm using with my customers, my team and my stakeholders."

  • Testimonial
    Renita Carter, CED - Manager - National Urban League, New York, NY, USA,

    " The Event Canvas, enabler of the elevator speech that creates a “wanna know more” buzz."

  • Testimonial
    Damian Hutt, CEO Association Network, London, UK,

    “We need to provide the very best value for the events we organize, the event model canvas creates focus in making the value crystal clear per stakeholder.”

  • Testimonial
    Vera Kurpershoek - Sr. Project Manager, Haarlem, The Netherlands,

    "The EventCanvas allows us to bridge the gap between consultancy and practical event organisation to create insights on all stakeholders interests. A perfect tool to craft and deliver events worth attending."

  • Testimonial
    Lykle De Vries - Programme Manager Noorderlink, Groningen, The Netherlands,

    "Over the last ten years, I have seen the behaviour of event attendees change because of internet and social media. Event owners did not change their behavior as much, sadly.

    The Event Model Canvas Masterclass was intense and exciting, and provided me with better tools to help meeting owners understand both the requirements and potential of this new connected age."